Dubai is Always Focused on Improving Customer Experience

Almost every Dubai Government entity is ranked on its customer experience and service efficiency. This ranking is called the Dubai Customer Happiness Index and is based on data collected and audited by The Executive Council of Dubai (TEC).

A major part of the Dubai Customer Happiness Index is the contact center component of the customer experience. This contact center component is based on the Government of Dubai Contact Center Standards (GDCCS), which are the contact center operations standards of Dubai Model.

dubai model contact center certification

Take Advantage of Our Dubai Model Implementation Experience

We work with almost 50% of Dubai Government entities that are evaluated under Dubai Model standards. Our clients consistently rank in the top 5 Dubai Government entities in the Dubai Customer Happiness Index and some clients have even ranked #1 since the rankings began to be published.

Improve Your Dubai Model Ranking

As a Dubai Government entity, you can expect your ranking to improve significantly after working with us. We have a track record of increasing the rankings of many of our clients. Some of our clients have improved from the bottom quartile to the top quartile within one year.

How Can Cupola Help You Improve Your Dubai Model Ranking?

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