Contact Center Infrastructure

Ready-To-Use Contact Center Technology and Infrastructure

Why invest in expensive permanent contact center technology and infrastructure when you can use our existing contact center facilities?

We can host your complete contact center set up and staff with full infrastructure and technology support.

Fully Loaded Contact Center Facility

All of the necessary infrastructure and support services will be available to you based on your needs:

  • Hardware (workstations, phones, headsets, laptops)
  • Multi-channel contact center software
  • Voice/telephony capabilities (ACD, IVR, call recording)
  • Onsite support
  • Shared amenities
  • 24x7x365 secure accessibility
contact center infrastructure solutions

Complete Business Continuity Capabilities

No need to worry about continuity of services. We have built redundancy into every part of the contact center:

  • Multiple active standby systems for each contact center component
  • Fully redundant data network using active/standby components for automatic failover
  • Completely virtualized databases and software using multiple storage systems and standby components at all levels
  • Redundant power supply using primary supply (DEWA), UPS and generator back up with automatic switchover functionality
  • Backup and disaster recovery sites in the UAE

ISO 27001 Information Security Management Standards

We take information security very seriously. We follow strict ISO 27001 information security management standards.

You can expect excellent physical and environment security controls with 24/7 monitoring. On the digital security side, we use multiple firewalls with all security components for network and systems security.

How Can Cupola Help You?

Contact us now to learn how you can benefit from our contact center infrastructure solutions.