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Take advantage of our years of experience working with multinational and local logistics companies.

Differentiate Your Business with Superior Customer Experience

Logistics is a highly competitive industry with many service providers. The customer and delivery experience is often a point of differentiation of the best providers. Recent trends such as new technologies and the expectation of faster delivery times is only making CX more important.

We help you deliver superior CX because we are experienced in supporting the common pain points of your customer:

  • Tracking and tracing shipments
  • Providing quotations and expected timelines for deliveries
  • Assisting with international shipment deliveries (e.g. customs processes and duties)
  • Cross selling services
  • Coordinating and following up with delivery drivers
  • Confirming addresses with customers
  • Conducting customer satisfaction surveys
  • Providing general information about loyalty programs, office working hours, shippable items (i.e. non-perishables) and payment methods
logistics customer experience cx solutions

Incorporate Better CX Technology into Your Offering

Use the latest technologies to improve your customer experience. For example, we can implement intelligent IVRs and chatbots to help automate the answering of common queries such as tracking a shipment or getting a delivery cost estimate.

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