Outsourced WhatsApp Support

Differentiate Your Brand by Offering Support on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger app in the world with over 2 billion users. Numerous studies have shown that WhatsApp usage across the Middle East is very high among residents and citizens.

You can differentiate your brand by using WhatsApp as a customer experience channel. Only the most technology forward companies have already done this.

Convenient for Your Customer

Similar to live chat, WhatsApp is convenient for your customers because they can receive immediate and in-depth answers. Your customers can share also share rich media files including screenshots and videos to help describe the issues they are facing.

cupola outsourced whatsapp support

Consider Optional Technology to Enhance the Customer Experience

You can enhance your WhatsApp offering with two optional technologies to: IVR deflection and chatbot capabilities.

IVR Deflection

WhatsApp as a CX channel offers the unique benefit of IVR deflection. If your customer is on hold in the call center queue too long, you can offer to transfer them to WhatsApp messaging if the customer has WhatsApp.


You may want to introduce a chatbot to handle first level interactions with your customers, depending on your budget. The chatbot would respond to easy to answer queries and situations and reduce your interaction volume handled by live agents.

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