Telesales, Telemarketing & Lead Generation

Benefit from Our Sales Experience

Whether you call it telesales, telemarketing, lead generation, revenue generation or just simply sales, we have delivered successful sales programs over the past 20+ years.

Sales covers many different types of interactions with customers in a purchasing context. These may be outbound, inbound, voice or digital interactions. We have significant experience with all of them:

  • Generating and qualifying warm leads using the BANT model
  • Closing sales
  • Setting sales appointments
  • Verifying customers prior to finalizing a sale
  • Cross-selling and up-selling your product basket
  • Managing inside sales programs
cupola telesales and telemarketing and lead generation

Turn Your Cost Center into a Profit Center

Benefit from our experience in successfully adding revenue generation capabilities to your contact center. We have helped client add cross-selling and up-selling to their regular Customer Care contact center in the retail, insurance, government and other industries.

Find Sales People Who Understand Your Customers

Recruiting sales experts within your budget is a huge pain point.

As part of our managed sales services, we find the sales champions who understand your industry to be part of the team.

Our Sales Track Record Speaks for Itself

We have managed and continue to manage sales programs for large brands across all types of industries including banking, insurance and logistics. These brands come to us and stay with us because we have demonstrated strong return on investment (ROI) to them.

Do You Have Data?

The success rate of your sales program is highly dependent on the quality of data that you provide.

In the fast moving markets of the Middle East, contact details are changing all the time. So if you haven’t used your data in a while, you may want to use our Data Cleansing services to update your customer data.

How Can Cupola Help You?

Contact us now to learn how we can help you with your sales activities.