Outsourced Live Chat Support

Your Website and App Visitors Want the Option of Chat

If you are a global brand or an online business, your customers almost certainly expect live chat as a customer experience channel.

Convenient for Your Customer and Cost Efficient for You

Live chat is convenient for your customers because they can receive immediate and in-depth answers. Your customers can share also share files such as screenshots to help describe the issues they are facing.

For you, live chat is an efficient way to provide support. Agents can handle multiple interactions simultaneously, which should see a reduction in interaction volume across other contact channels such as phone.

cupola outsourced live chat support

Consider Optional Chatbot Technology to Reduce Workload on Live Agents

You may want to introduce a chatbot to handle first level interactions with your customers, depending on your budget. The chatbot would respond to easy to answer queries and situations and reduce your interaction volume handled by live agents.

How Can Cupola Help You?

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