AI Powered Contact Center

Add Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Your Contact Center

Ever wondered how AI can help your contact center?

AI processes large amounts of data to automatically deliver better and more intelligent outcomes for your contact center.

These intelligent contact center outcomes fall under four main categories:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Your Contact Center

Use Conversational AI-Powered Chatbots

You can use AI-powered chatbots to deal with more complicated queries that rules-based chatbots can’t answer.

These chatbots use machine learning to understand context and intent of a query. They then create their own answers to more complicated questions using natural-language responses. The more interactions they receive and are trained on, the more they learn and the better they respond to your customers.

Match Customers to the Most Appropriate Agent Using Intelligent Routing

Intelligent routing (also known as predictive routing) will use AI to match your customers to the live agents most likely to give them the best customer experiences. The agent is selected on the basis of personality, skills, previous history, and other relevant attributes.

Understand Your Customer’s Emotions Using Speech Analytics

You can use AI-powered speech analytics to understand your customer’s sentiments during phone calls. The technology works by analyzing voice tone and cadence to detect your customer’s mood.

For example, the AI might detect a customer’s frustration from a rise in pitch of the customer’s voice, a long pause in dialogue or interruptions between the customer and agent. The technology will then inform your agent about the mood of the customer, and they can adjust their dialogue accordingly.

You can also benefit from speech analytics through better quality monitoring. AI helps identify calls that should be looked at by your quality team. No longer do you have to take only a random sample of calls to evaluate for quality audits.

Benefit from AI-Driven Recommendations

Reduce the time it takes agents to find answers to customer queries during interactions.

You can use conversational AI to understand a customer’s problem and then proactively provide agents with personalized real-time guidance on what to do next. For example, the AI might identify relevant information from your FAQ or suggest upsell opportunities.

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