Outsourced Social Media Monitoring

Monitor Social Media Platforms in Real Time and in One Place

Whether you need to monitor your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest or other social media accounts, we can provide a dedicated team that uses specialized social media software to do this for your brand.

Respond Quickly to Your Customer’s Queries and Feedback

Our team will be able to respond with pre-approved responses from your marketing department. To address more complicated queries, we will coordinate and follow up with the relevant people at your business such as the operations or marketing department who can take over the query or inform the team how to respond.

cupola outsourced social media monitoring

Introduce and Measure Relevant KPIs

You can measure response times, team performance and sentiment through our social media software.

On-Brand Messaging

No need to worry about your communications not reflecting your brand. Our team will be trained by your marketing team ensure that all messaging is in your brand’s voice.

How Can Cupola Help You?

Contact us now to learn how we can help with your social media customer experience strategy.